HD Stencils

HD Stencils

HD Stencils

High thickness accuracy to control the AR improve performance

• High Density Stainless Steel foils – Laser-Cut Process
• Thickness: (3 mils ~ 6 mils)
• Recommended: High Volume / Mixed component


Improve transfer efficient vs conventional.

High accuracy thickness.

Delivery Ultra Smooth Apertures.

Electroformed, Nikel Cut, Step, HD, Duralloy, Stainless

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AMTX E-FAB - Electroformed Stencil AMTX E-FAB Electroformed Stencils Nikel Cut Stencils Nikel Cut Stencils Step Stencils Step Stencils HD Stencils HD Stencils Duralloy Stencils Duralloy Stencils Stainless Steel Stencils Stainless Steel Stencils
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