Electroformed Stencils

AMTX E-FAB - Electroformed Stencil

Electroformed Stencils

AMTX E-FAB E Electroformed Stencils have set the standard for the SMT industry with superior printing characteristics and lower defect rates.

The AMTX E-FAB Electroformed Stencil is used extensively for (20 mil to 12 mil pitch) SMT applications. It is also used for µBGA’s, Flip Chip, and Wafer Bumping (12 mil to 6 mil pitch)

• Edition in CAD.
• Chem-Etch over “Mandrel”.
• E-Form Bath


Smooth, Trapezoidal Sidewalls:
Maximizes solder paste release.

Unsurpassed Tensile Strength and Hardness:
Increases stencil life.

Nickel Surface Properties:
Lowsurface energy enhances solder paste release.

Available in 1 to 12 mil thicknesses with 0.1 mil increments.

Precise Aperture Sizes:
Postprocessing size compensation not required.

Electroformed, Nikel Cut, Step, HD, Duralloy, Stainless

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AMTX E-FAB - Electroformed Stencil AMTX E-FAB Electroformed Stencils Nikel Cut Stencils Nikel Cut Stencils Step Stencils Step Stencils HD Stencils HD Stencils Duralloy Stencils Duralloy Stencils Stainless Steel Stencils Stainless Steel Stencils
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