Duralloy Stencils

Duralloy Stencils

Good Printing quality paste release. Recommended for stencils with regular pitch, and massive passive components such capacitor , and resistors.

Optimal soldering paste printing results, accuracy printing paste release over circuit paste board. DuraAlloy is a proprietary alloy developed for high volume stencil printing applications.

The inherent hardness and tensile strength resists coins and dents that can occur in the SMT printing environment. “IT TAKES A HIT AND KEEPS ON PRINTING!”

Stencil life expectancy is more than 2 times that of normal stainless steel stencils.

• PHD Stainless Steel foils – Laser-Cut Process
• Thickness: (3 mils ~ 14 mils)
• Recommended: High Volume / Mixed component


Must economically priced stencil.

Quickest turn around available.

Very rugged and tough.

Electroformed, Nikel Cut, Step, HD, Duralloy, Stainless

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