Wave Solder Pallets

Wave Solder Pallets

The purpose of selective wave solder pallets is to expose only the thru hole components to the molten solder on a wave solder machine, while protecting all of the SMD devices on the bottom side (i.e. solder side) of the board.

A wave solder pallet is a specialized fixture used in the process of wave soldering, which is a method of soldering electronic components to a printed circuit board (PCB). The pallet is typically made of a heat-resistant material such as fiberglass or a composite material, and it is designed to hold the PCB and protect it from the high temperatures and solder flux used in the wave soldering process.

The pallet is typically custom-designed to fit the specific PCB being manufactured, with cutouts and other features to accommodate the placement of components and the flow of solder. During the wave soldering process, the pallet is held in place on a conveyor belt that moves the PCB through a wave of molten solder, which creates a permanent connection between the components and the board.

Wave solder pallets are used in large-scale manufacturing operations to increase efficiency and consistency in the wave soldering process. By using a pallet, manufacturers can reduce the risk of defects and ensure that each PCB is soldered correctly and reliably.

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