SMT Pallets

SMT Pallets

Allow you the ability to process odd shaped, rigid flex & oversized PCB’s through the entire SMT process (print, placement & reflow). Also used when components overhang the perimeter of the circuit board or when components violate clearance requirements.


Locating pins are positioned below the top surface of the PCB and provide the necessary clearance for printing the PCB.

Material is typically removed as much as possible to minimize thermal mass

Materials used are ESD safe and optic sensitive.

2 types of PCB hold-downs. “Puller” design allows a pin to engage into the tooling hole of the PCB. This design is the preferred method for securing a PCB to the fixture. Advantages are that it keeps the PCB flat during the entire process. PCB is less likely to pop out of the fixture during the entire process. The only types of hold down that can be used for rigid flex or flex circuits.

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) pallets are specialized fixtures or carriers used in the electronics manufacturing industry to hold and transport printed circuit boards (PCBs) during the SMT assembly process. SMT pallets are designed to provide a stable and precise platform for the PCBs while they are being processed by automated SMT assembly machines.

SMT pallets are typically made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or plastic, and they can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of different PCBs. They may also feature additional components such as fiducial markers or support pins to ensure accurate placement and alignment of the PCBs during assembly. SMT pallets can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of the SMT assembly process, as well as protect the delicate components of the PCBs from damage.

SMT Pallets, Selective Solder Pallets, Wave Solder Pallets, Press Fit Pallet, Conformal Coating Pallet

SMT Toolings

We offer a wide range of tooling, solutions for your welding needs as well as pallets, routers, work holders, squeegees, fixtures and accessories that guarantee the proper functioning of the requested tooling.

SMT Pallets Selective Solder Pallet Wave Solder Pallet Press Fit Pallets Conformal Coating Pallets
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