Press Fit Pallet

Press Fit Pallet

Press fit connectors do not require solder to make an electrical or mechanical connection to the board. Instead they rely on “barbed” leads, which engage into the PCB, when the connector is fully seated into the board.

Top tools are customized tooling designed to insert a connector into a printed circuit board. There are two types of top tools. Male top tools (as shown) and female (flat rock) top tools. Male top tools are complex in design and fabrication. Pressure is applied to each lead to ensure they seat to the PCB. Female top tools are more generic and cheaper in price. The tool applies pressure to the entire top surface of the connector.

A press-fit pallet is a specialized fixture or carrier used in the electronics manufacturing industry for the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Unlike traditional SMT (Surface Mount Technology) pallets, which hold PCBs in place using mechanical or vacuum clamps, press-fit pallets use a press-fit technology to secure the PCBs in place during assembly.

Press-fit pallets are designed with a series of press-fit pins or connectors that are aligned with the corresponding plated through-holes (PTHs) on the PCBs. When the PCB is loaded onto the pallet, the press-fit pins are forced into the PTHs using a press or other tool, creating a reliable and secure connection that eliminates the need for additional clamps or fixtures.

Press-fit pallets can offer several benefits over traditional SMT pallets, including improved assembly efficiency, reduced PCB handling time, and increased accuracy and reliability of the assembly process. They are commonly used in the production of high-density PCBs with large numbers of components and PTHs, such as backplanes and other complex electronic assemblies.

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